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Handmade bespoke art with authentic African textiles. 

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Wherever you are from in the world we can help bring a piece of that into your environment. To create a truly unique piece of art for your environment you can personalised your artwork by incorporating your home colours into African fabric to make something that stands out. 

Why Choose Us?

The BWB 2019 Business Start-Up Of The Year Award!

Creating unique handmade bespoke art with, the vibrant colours of African fabric. Ethical brand creating beautiful pieces of art with recycled fabrics.

Our bespoke service affords you the opportunity to create a truly unique one of a kind piece you can proudly hang in your home office or give as a gift. 

Customer Review 

Absolutely beautiful designs and expertly executed! Bertha is a professional with such excellent customer service. She took the time to understand my requirements and shared with me her ideas for the bespoke piece I ordered. Finally she checked the decor of the room with me to ensure the frame would match. Delivery was swift and the gift was very well received. I would very highly recommend Fabric of Africa Frames and will be ordering again soon

Sinead Graham
NYR Organic Independent Consultant

About Us

Bertha Wensah,

Store owner

Welcome to your Spot For Luxury!

My name is Bertha, a self-taught stencil artist, born in Ghana and raised in the cosmopolitan city of London. I am from the rich soil of West Africa, a continent that boast of beauty, culture, and tradition. A continent so rich in unique talents and creativity, our textiles speaks of the versatility of the people, and the vibrancy of our heritage. As a creative I am truly fascinated by our fabrics and feel a sense of joy creating art with them. Fabric of Africa Frames, prides itself on creating a unique luxury shopping experience by providing you with exceptional bespoke service. 

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